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Solahart Solar Water Heating

Solahart solar hot water systems from Heliocol West are a simple, reliable means of generating hot water for your home using free solar energy.

Based on thermosiphon technology, Solahart roof mounted systems use two naturally occurring principles to collect and distribute hot water for household use. First, the dark coating in the collector panel absorbs heat from the sun and, in turn, heats the water within. Because heat rises, the hot water flows to the top of the collector and into the attached storage tank. This hot water displaces the cooler water to the bottom of the collector where the process is repeated. The greater the temperature difference between the fluid in the solar collector panel and the water in the tank, the faster the flow between them.


In warm climates, a Solahart direct, or open loop, system is often used. This system allows the water used within your home to flow through the collector and directly into your home for typical hot water use.


In colder, frost-prone regions, a Solahart indirect, or closed loop, system is recommended. An indirect system fills the collector panel with a freeze-proof fluid. This fluid, when heated by the sun, flows into a jacket around the storage tank to heat the water inside.

Solahart solar water heating collector

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