Commercial Solar Pool Heating

As pool heating costs continue to skyrocket, commercial pool operators are turning to solar as the proven alternative to cut pool heating costs by as much 80 percent. Heliocol’s durable design and manufacturing methods ensure a worry-free performance in excess of 25 years. Commercial Heliocol systems can pay for themselves in as little as three years.


Environmentally Sound


A greater understanding of climate changes and fossil fuel limitations has driven solar energy to the forefront as a clean, safe and practical energy source. Commercial pool operators can be seen as forward thinking leaders in their community, by choosing to utilize solar pool heating for their pools.


Professional Design and Installation


Heliocol’s unique design allows for easy connection into an existing pumping and filtration system. Heliocol West's professional technicians are factory trained to ensure your system is designed and installed to the highest standards. A free performance and investment analysis will show how much a Heliocol system can save on your pool operating costs.


Warranty Leadership


Heliocol has been heating swimming pools around the world for nearly 35 years. Here in the Southwest, our experience and reputation, coupled with Heliocol’s 25 year warranty, provides commercial pool operators with unsurpassed peace of mind.


Heliocol Features


Patented exclusive features make Heliocol the best in the world –


  • Very high thermal performance year-round in a wide variety of climates.
  • Individual tube design allows for expansion and contraction, eliminating cracks and leaks.
  • Overmolded construction provides up to 87 PSI operating pressure at 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Secure mounting brackets enable Heliocol to be installed successfully on steep roofs and in extremely high wind areas.
  • Panel format allows easy installation around and between skylights. Ten standard collector sizes provide flexibility to fit most roofs and custom installations.
  • Lowest head loss in the industry protects your pump and filtering system.
  • Individual tube design substantially reduces wind loads and collector lift without the need for over-strapping. (Ask for a copy of our Uplift Wind Load Test).
  • Tough polypropylene construction provides protection against vermin.


Experience and Certifications


Heliocol is the world’s largest solar pool heating manufacturer and has maintained continuous production of its collectors since 1977. Heliocol was the first solar collector to receive ISO 9001 certification for quality management and has maintained that certification each year since 1998. Additionally, Heliocol is the only solar pool heating system certified ISO 14001, which meets not only quality control standards, but environmental standards. Heliocol supports the Buy American preference and supplies products that are ARRA compliant.


  • Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) (USA)
  • National Sanitation Foundation NSF-50
  • National Sanitation Foundation NSF-61
  • British National Water Council (for potability)
  • Florida’s Solar Energy Centre
  • German Technological Institute
  • Mexican Technological Institute
  • Greek Technological Institute
  • Brazilian Solar Energy Centre
  • Israeli Standards Institute
  • Australian Standard AS/NZ 2712 (2.2 & 4)


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